Growth of the Sale of Mechanisms

Previous growth of mechanism production was based on increasing employment, upgrading of mechanical equipment and innovative contribution of employees. The contribution of indigenous knowledge is decisive, as the Tool Shop produces highly specialized tools for the production of component parts and assembly tools or assembly lines according to its own construction. The production of unique mechanical equipment provides competitiveness on the world market.

In 1990 Niko produces 16 million of lever arch mechanisms and the surface coating department is fully occupied. A new galvanic line of drums is needed, and a contemporary purification plant is built. The mechanism production is so operational that it develops and can increase by average 15% per year.  

In 2006 the vision of the production development of 125 million pieces of mechanisms is set, and the realization is already nearing.

A few important events in the factory development. 

·    1988 The first semi-automatic tool with a controller to assemble mechanisms.
·    1992 The first controlled pallet line for mechanism assembly.
·    1994 Acquisition of operations according to ISO standards.
·    1996 NIKO becomes a joint-stock company.
·    1998 Upgrading of the galvanic line of hooks and of the purification plant.
·    1999 Full automation of mechanism assembly (no more manual assembly)
·    1999 For the first time 50 million of mechanisms are produced per year. 
·    2006 Introduction of the first robot workplace. 
·    2006 The annual quantity of 100 million pieces is exceeded for the first time.
·    2006 After sixty years of operation, the billionth piece is produced, and for the first time 500.000 pieces are produced per  day.
·    2007 NIKO covers 30% of the mechanism market in the EU.
·    2008 Robotisation of mechanism packaging.


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